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All you need to know about TM registration in Ahmedabad

All you need to know about TM registration in Ahmedabad

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A trademark is a unique symbol or emblem that distinguishes your company’s products and services from others in the market. By obtaining a trademark, you can protect your brand against imitation, safeguard your commercial reputation, and secure legal protection for your products. Ahmedabad is a well-known destination to register a Trademark in India online. It’s trademark registry that holds jurisdiction over the states of Gujarat and Rajasthan, as well as the Union Territories of Daman, Diu, Dadra, and Nagar Haveli. You can complete the process of trademark registration in Ahmedabad either online or offline. The following is a comprehensive guide to the steps, costs, and necessary documents involved in the process.

Step-by-Step Guide to Trademark Registration in Ahmedabad

To secure your brand and ensure legal protection, follow these steps to successfully register your trademark in Ahmedabad:

Choose the Appropriate Trademark Class

Firstly, determine the most suitable trademark class for your goods or services. Choosing the right class is a crucial factor in the success of your trademark registration.

Conduct a Trademark Search

Secondly, to conduct a trademark search, you have to use IP India trademark public search website. You have to verify that a similar trademark has not already been registered.

Submit Your Application

Thirdly, fill out and submit your trademark application either at the trademark registry or through the IP India website. After successfully submitting your application, you can begin using the TM symbol alongside your trademark.

Examination of Your Application

The trademark registrar will examine your application for compliance with laws and regulations once you complete the necessary steps. You should seek help from a professional, consultant, or trademark attorney to avoid delays.

Publication in Trade Mark Journals

Accordingly, the trademark registrar will publish your brand name in the Indian trademark journal. If there are no objections raised, the trademark will be registered. The most crucial aspect of trademark registration is ensuring that there are no objections within three months from the date of publication.

Receive Your Registration Certificate

Finally, if there are no objections or if your replies to any objections are found to be satisfactory, you will receive your registration certificate bearing the trademark registry seal. You can then begin using the trademark symbol (®) next to your brand name.

Renew Your Trademark

Additionally, to ensure ongoing protection, your trademark must be renewed every ten years. Major brands like McDonald’s and Starbucks ensure to renew their trademarks on time to stay ahead of the competition. You can renew trademarks indefinitely, enabling you to protect your logo and brand name permanently.

Other important Points

When registering a trademark in Ahmedabad, it’s important to be aware of various factors that can impact the process. Here’s a closer look at some of the key elements to consider:

Examination of Application Objections

If there are any objections to your trademark application, the trademark officer will issue a notice and the status of your application will be marked as “Objected.” You have the right to address these objections, or you can seek the help of a trademark attorney or consultant.

Opposition After Publication

If there is opposition from a third party, you will receive a Notice of opposition. Then, you will need to submit a counterstatement. Evidence submission, reply, and hearing will take place with the trademark officer. After that, the application can proceed to registration or the IP Appellate Board can further process it.

Hearing for Trademark Opposition

After submitting evidence and response, a hearing will take place in front of the Hearing officer. The hearing either approves or rejects the application. If rejected, it sends the application to the IP appellate board.

Costs of Trademark Registration in Ahmedabad

When registering a trademark in Ahmedabad, the costs will include two elements: government fees and professional fees.

  • Government fees depend on the type of applicant and business registration. The fees range from INR 4,500 for individuals and sole proprietors, to INR 9,000 for entities that have not registered with MSME or Start-up India.
  • Professional fees will depend on the services provided by the professional service provider.

Documents Needed for Trademark Registration in Ahmedabad

To register a trademark in Ahmedabad, you will need to provide a range of documents. This includes proof of applicant, such as PAN, address proof, and a certificate of registration/incorporation. It also includes trademark details, proof of trademark use, MSME/Start-up India certificate, a Power of Attorney. Moreover, you also need a board resolution for private limited or public limited companies, and a user affidavit if you are claiming specific user data. Your trademark attorney will advise you on which documents are necessary for your specific case.

By keeping these key factors in mind, you can avoid any potential obstacles along the way. It can help you be well-prepared for registering your trademark in Ahmedabad.


The process of trademark registration in Ahmedabad is an essential aspect of protecting and promoting your brand. With the right support, registering your trademark can be a hassle-free experience that yields significant benefits. It is essential to work with a professional service provider to guide you through each step of the process, from conducting a trademark search to submitting the required documents.

One of the key factors to keep in mind during the trademark registration process is the costs involved. The fees consist of both government fees and professional fees, which can vary depending on the type of applicant and the services provided. Despite the costs, it is important to invest in a registered trademark as it provides you with legal protection and the exclusive right to use your brand name and logo.

Having a registered trademark also comes with the responsibility of renewing it every 10 years. This step ensures that your brand continues to enjoy the benefits of trademark protection. In conclusion, if you want to safeguard your brand, promote your products and services, and take advantage of the legal benefits, trademark registration in Ahmedabad is a must-do.

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