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How to Check My Home Loan Eligibility Online

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Buying a new home is a major milestone for  most people but most can’t afford to accomplish this without additional finances. A helping hand can come in the form of a Home Loan, and after some consideration, aspiring homeowners can certainly apply for one. Before applying for any loan, it is important to check your eligibility for the same. 

The Importance of Understanding Home Loan Eligibility Criteria 

Every lender sets certain eligibility criteria for their loan offerings, and a Home Loan will also have such criteria. To check home loan eligibility, you can easily visit the websites of leading financial institutions. You can put in the amount of money you are looking to borrow, the tenure you prefer, and the interest you’d like to calculate EMIs clearly on the home loan calculator. Also, make it a point to visit different lenders’ websites and compare different offers before zeroing down on the best one. Seamless application and proper financial planning can only happen when an applicant knows the criteria and is aware of other associated factors. 

The Detailed Criteria for Home Loan eligibility 

Some of the most common home loan eligibility criteria that applicants should know about are as follows- 

Age – The applicant’s age matters when it comes to approval, who must not be older than the maximum age limit set by the lender when the loan term ends. This is because most people will be better equipped to repay their loans as long as they are part of the formal workforce and earning. Senior citizens usually will not have an active source of  income and may be unable to pay the interest and EMIs on time. 

Credit score–  A borrower’s credit score determines their eligibility for a Home Loan and  the kind of offers they will be offered. Guest posting sites If your credit score is good, you are far more likely to get approval and be offered better deals. This is because a good score reflects the ability of a borrower to repay their loan. Most institutions use a CIBIL Score as an indicator to assess your credit history and score to get an idea of how well you can repay the loan.

Income stability– The stability of income is also a factor in deciding a borrower’s loan repayment capacity. If a person has a stable income, they are more likely to repay their loan on time within the tenure of the loan period. Salaried employees with stable jobs are usually seen as stable. However, self-employed individuals are also deemed stable if they have the finances and proof to back it. 

Property details- Any lender giving you a home loan will want to confirm they are loaning money for the purchase of the property you specify in your application. The age and location of the place will also be a determinant for approval as it acts as security against which the bank gives the loan. The lender needs to verify the authenticity of the property and the legal validity of the property to ensure the place is not disputed. This ensures a lender does not end up in any untoward litigation. 


Lenders also consider the loan-to-value ratio and the borrower’s debt-to-income ratio before approving a Home Loan. Please ensure you check all your income, credit score and other details before applying for the loan. Provide proper documents to ensure your loan application is free of any hiccups.

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